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Information security analysts work to protect an organization’s computer systems networks, to prevent hackers from accessing and/or stealing sensitive information and data. They are often employed by IT service providers, banking and financial services, government agencies and healthcare companies.

The role typically involves installing firewalls and data encryption software to protect confidential information. Analysts monitor their organization’s network for security breaches and investigate any violations. They may also help design and execute a organisation’s disaster recovery plan — the steps and procedures to restore IT systems and networks after an attack.

Information security analysts must stay one step ahead of potential cyber-attackers. They need to keep abreast of attackers latest methods to infiltrate computer systems, as well as new security technologies to counter these threats.

Online business transactions, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing have grown dramatically in recent years. Coupled with security threats that continue to grow in complexity and frequency, cyber security professionals are in great demand around the world.

The stages of a trade competition


Les compétiteurs reçoivent leur sujet de compétition.


Les compétiteurs exécutent le projet demandé et livrent un travail complet ou incomplet dans un délai imparti.


Un groupe d'experts évalue les rendus des compétiteurs conformément aux normes de WSI.


Les résultats sont calculés par le biais d'un système d'information et une liste de champions est générée.


Les champions sont récompensés lors d'une cérémonie de clôture.

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