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The main missions of WorldSkills France

WorldSkills France coordinates the regional selection process and organizes the national competition which results in the formation of the French National Team.

This team is made up of the best young people in over sixty skills. Members of the French Skills Team take part in international competitions: EuroSkills on a European scale and the WorldSkills Competition on a global scale.

WorldSkills France is also in charge of the physical and mental preparation of each young Competitor, who benefits from a unique ecosystem enabling him/her to reach his/her best level. They can count on an Expert to advise and support them throughout their career, they can train in a Centre of Excellence, and they can also count on the investment of their training center and often their employer.

WorldSkills France relies on a wide network of:

  • Volunteers, Experts, Workshop Managers, Technical Supervisors, Team Leaders, Ambassadors…It’s a rich ecosystem of over 7,000 people.
  • Centers of Excellence where young Competitors can train.
  • Institutional and private partners.