23 June 2023

Cooking is among the skills that will be represented at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. Incidentally, one of the most renowned traditions of the city of Lyon is its gastronomy. In the 1930s, Curnonsky, one of the most famous French food critics, even awarded the city the title of World Capital of Gastronomy. Discover why.

Lyon has always stood out thanks to its culinary tradition. Its history of gastronomy began in antiquity, when the city, formerly known as Lugdunum, became a crossroads of trade and cultures where travellers and merchants of all kinds imported wine and culinary products, creating new food habits within the local population. 

During the Renaissance, after undergoing societal and historical changes that affected its vitality, the city regained prestige and became an economic and financial power in Europe. Annual trade fairs gathered people from all over Europe, and Lyon confirmed its status of city of gastronomy, with culinary novelties arriving from all over the world, enriching local cuisine.

” Lyon is a city that makes you hungry. “

Paul Bocuse

Throughout its history, Lyon gave birth to traditions and specificities that are still well-known today, such as:  

  • The Lyonnaise Mothers, emblematic historical figures among the local population. These women used to cook for the great bourgeois families of Lyon, and later emancipated themselves to set up their businesses and create traditional cuisine for a wider population. They rose to prominence from the second part of the 18th century, opening several restaurants in the city.  
  • The Bouchons, typical cozy restaurants where regional wines and traditional dishes are served in a local, friendly atmosphere. You can still find them everywhere in the city.  

Gastronomy today

The city is now a reference in terms of gastronomy and cuisine, in France and internationally. Famous local chefs like Paul Bocuse contributed to creating an incredible culinary heritage that locals are very proud of. Today, Lyon hosts numerous food-related events for all tastes (Sihra, Lyon Street Food Festival, Festival des Terroirs…) and is home to facilities like the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, a wide area of 4,000 m² dedicated to the pleasures of “eating well”, with exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and tastings. 

We are delighted that Competitors and visitors from all over the world will soon have the opportunity to experience food in the city of Lyon.  

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