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Railways are as important today as when they first began nearly 200 years ago, transporting large numbers of people and goods quickly and in a way that is friendly to the environment.

Today’s rail vehicles, though, are more complex than ever. It is the job of the Rail Vehicle Technician to carry out inspections, maintenance and repair, and general troubleshooting.

To ensure safe and reliable trains, they must work in a team with an understanding of a wide range of technologies, including high voltage electricity, brakes, air conditioning, door operations, and wheels.

Rail vehicle technicians have the ability to work as a team while using their individual specialist knowledge to enhance its performance. They must continuously improve their diagnostic skills to keep up with technology, work to deadlines and plan maintenance schedules. This is a global industry that offers the prospect of advancement to technical and managerial positions.

The stages of a trade competition


Les compétiteurs reçoivent leur sujet de compétition.


Les compétiteurs exécutent le projet demandé et livrent un travail complet ou incomplet dans un délai imparti.


Un groupe d'experts évalue les rendus des compétiteurs conformément aux normes de WSI.


Les résultats sont calculés par le biais d'un système d'information et une liste de champions est générée.


Les champions sont récompensés lors d'une cérémonie de clôture.

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