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Consumer products for mass consumption need both to work well and look good. This is the role of Industrial Design Technology, which also makes sure that a new product is technically feasible to make, meets the need in the marketplace, and can be sold at an acceptable price.

Industrial Design Technology combines design and engineering. In smaller companies and start-ups, this can mean covering all stages of the process or working as part of a team in larger organizations.

Industrial Design Technology requires a wide range of skills and understanding, including market research, design, engineering, product analysis, materials, and good communication.

You should understand the process of product creation, from concept to production, be good at problem-solving, and be aware of all the tools and techniques to support design and development.

The stages of a trade competition


Les compétiteurs reçoivent leur sujet de compétition.


Les compétiteurs exécutent le projet demandé et livrent un travail complet ou incomplet dans un délai imparti.


Un groupe d'experts évalue les rendus des compétiteurs conformément aux normes de WSI.


Les résultats sont calculés par le biais d'un système d'information et une liste de champions est générée.


Les champions sont récompensés lors d'une cérémonie de clôture.

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