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Trucks, semitrailers, coaches, buses, and other vehicles with large mechanical assemblies supported by electronic systems require specific repairs and fault diagnosis.                                                         

The heavy vehicle maintenance technicians maintain and repair large machines and industrial equipment, both towed and self-propelled, used in mining, forestry, agriculture, landscaping, material handling, and transportation. Maintenance and repair can involve individual components or entire systems, requiring the technician to have skill with engines, hydraulics, electronics, braking systems, and much more. 

They master measurement and diagnostic tools, assess system interaction, manage the organization of their activity, and provide technical advice to customers.   

Heavy Truck Maintenance offers prospects for advancement to senior managerial jobs, or to workshop managing positions supervising a team of technicians. Heavy vehicle technicians can also choose to specialize in particular equipment or technologies. 

What happens during a skill competition?


The Competitors receive their competition subject.


Competitors carry out the requested project and deliver complete or incomplete work within a specified deadline.


A group of Experts evaluates Competitors' renderings in accordance with WSI standards.


The results are calculated through an information system and a list of Champions is generated.


The Champions are rewarded during a Closing Ceremony.

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