Meet the WorldSkills Champions Trust representatives for 2023 to 2024: Sonya Hill

31 October 2023
Worldskills Champions Trust Photos: © Laurent_Bagnis

Recently elected as a WorldSkills Champions Trust representative, Sonya Hill competed in Mobile Robotics during the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition. The Jamaican Champion now works as a solar sales engineer.

Why did you apply to become a WorldSkills Champions Trust representative? How did it feel to be elected?

I applied because I wanted to have the opportunity to encourage young people to pursue skills, seeing that it is a beneficial career pathway for both economy and personal development. When I was elected, I was excited and surprised because I didn’t think I would get in the Champions Trust.

What does the WorldSkills movement mean to you? How would you describe it in three words?

The WorldSkills movement helped me realize the importance of learning and developing skills, but also encouraged me to become a better version of myself and to continue learning. In three words: it is amazing!

What is your advice to current Competitors and how do you wish to inspire them as a WorldSkills Champions Trust representative?

My advice for them is to work hard and persevere no matter what the circumstances are. They will face obstacles, but they should not give up, there is always a positive outcome. I want to inspire them by telling my story.

What would you say to a young person hesitating to enter a skill-based education and training path?

I would tell them to just do it because skills are beneficial, and we are coming to an age where learning a skill matters as much as getting a more “traditional” degree.

Do you have a favorite WorldSkills memory, an anecdote to share?

My favorite WorldSkills memories are all the times I interacted with different people from different cultures and backgrounds, sharing with them unique things from Jamaica and learning about their cultures.

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