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What is the WorldSkills Competition?

WorldSkills is an international movement that aims to promote skills and vocational training for young people through the organization of skills competitions.

Every two years, the WorldSkills Competition brings together young professionals from five continents who are national champions in their respective skill.

It is a major event that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The city of Lyon has been chosen to host the world competition in September2024 :1,500 Competitors coming from 65 countries and regions will compete in 64 skills to demonstrate their excellence and know-how.

WorldSkills is much more than a competition. It aims to reduce the prejudices surrounding vocational training, to respond to the challenges of sectors under economic pressure, and to encourage young people to choose professions with a bright and promising future, which, as well as being in high demand, are also careers offering endless opportunities, professional success, and personal fulfilment.