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What is One School One Country (OSOC)?

One School One Country, or OSOC, is a programme that encourages cultural exchange between international Competitors and students in the host city while promoting skilled careers represented at the Competition. It is managed by WorldSkills International and implemented by the WorldSkills Lyon2024 Competition Organizer in conjunction with local stakeholders. Schools across Lyon are partnered with a Member country or region to learn about their culture, traditions, and customs, while also learning about the skills which will be represented at the Competition by their adopted Competitors. In the spirit of exchange and sharing, the schools are invited to welcome Competitors on the morning of 10September 2024, the day of the Opening Ceremony, for a meeting with the students.

Who is the OSOC programme for?

The programme is aimed at primary and secondary schools (general and vocational) ideally located within +/-30 to 45 minutes by public transportation of the future place of residence of WorldSkills Competitors (lNSA-la Doua).

What are the criteria for participation?

As the programme runs over the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years, participating classes must been rolled in the school during these two school years.

Your school’s participation in the OSOC programme is straightforward, with no constraints, and in full collaboration with WorldSkills Lyon 2024. As the programme is part of an international event, participating schools agree to welcome Members with diverse profiles, both from an intercultural and socio-economic point of view.