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Who can compete at a WorldSkills Competition? How can I register to be a Competitor?

In order to compete at the WorldSkills Competition, a Competitor has to come from a Member country/region. Members have different ways of selecting their team members so it is best to contact the Member in your country/region via this page: Member Countries and Regions | WorldSkills

A Competitor at the WorldSkills Competition must not be older than 22 in the year of the Competition. Competitors in Information Network Cabling, Mechatronics,Manufacturing Team Challenge, and Aircraft Maintenance, must not be older than 25 years in the year of the Competition.

Competitors Registration for the 2024 edition is already closed, but do not hesitate to contact WorldSkills for information about the next editions.

What’s a Skill Competition Manager?

The Skill Competition Manager is responsible for providing management, guidance, and leadership for a skill competition from C-21 months until C+1 month. The Skill Competition Manager is one member of the Skill Management Team. The SCM is appointed by WorldSkills through an expression of interest and application process immediately following a Competition.

What is a WorkShop Sector Manager ?

The Workshop Sector Manager is a person with qualifications and experience in one of the skills in the industry sector to which they are appointed. The WSM is responsible for overseeing the Workshop Managers in their industry sector. The Event Organizer appoints a Workshop Sector Manager for each industry sector.

What’s a Chief Expert?

The Chief Expert is the Expert responsible for providing management, guidance, and leadership for a skill competition.

Where will the different skill competitions be located within Eurexpo?

Skill competitions in Construction and Building Technology will take place in Halls 1 + 2.

Skill competitions in Social and Personal Services will take place in Hall 3.

Skill competitions in Manufacturing and Engineering Technology will take place in Hall 4.

Skill competitions in Information and Communication Technology will take place in Hall 5.

Skill competitions in Creative Arts and Fashion will take place in Hall 6.

Skill competitions in Transportation and Logistics will take place in Hall 6 + 7

Where will the Competition take place?

The Competition will take place at the Eurexpo Lyon Exhibition and Convention Centre, which ranks among Europe’s top 15 exhibition venues, and is France’s leading exhibition venue outside Paris

What is an Expert ?

An Expert is a person with experience in a skill, trade, or technology who is representing a Member in the skill competition related to their particular expertise.

What is WorldSkills ?

The WorldSkills Competition, the world’s largest skills Competition, is organized every two years under the aegis of WorldSkills International. It is a true opportunity for young professionals from all over the world to participate in an international Competition.

Thousands of Competitors measure themselves in several dozens of skills, demonstrating their excellence and savoir-faire while sharing values of fraternity and respect.

WorldSkills was born in Spain in the immediate post-war years in 1950 under the impetus of Francisco Albert Vidal. The WorldSkills Competition rapidly developed into an international movement from 1958 onwards. With the ambition to bring together countries from all over the world to develop the skills of young professionals as a vector for economic growth, the WorldSkills movement offers a unique opportunity to develop vocational training standards, encourage innovation, and promote trades and skills throughout the world.

The 47th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Lyon from 10 to 15 September 2024. This will be the second time in its history that France hosts a WorldSkills Competition, almost 30 years after the 1995event, which was also held in Lyon

How many skills and skills sectors will be represented during the Competition?

59 skills (+ 3 exhibition skills) in six different skills sectors: Creative Arts and Fashion, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Transportation and Logistics, Construction and Building Technology, Social and Personal Services, Information and Communication Technology

How long does a skill competition last ?

A skill competition lasts between 15 hours and 22 hours, spread during four days of Competition.

Who are Workshop Managers?

The Workshop Manager is a person with qualifications and experience in their accredited skill who is responsible for workshop installations, preparation of materials, workshop security, Health, Safety, and Environment, general tidiness and neatness of the workshop area. The Workshop Manager is appointed by the Event Organizer.